Wildfires are a perfect metaphor

to describe what occurs between former couples who, for whatever reason, still have to deal with one another and have yet to find a successful way to do it. A spark alone sets off an inferno in seconds–spreading quickly, consuming everything in it's path. What was once a forest becomes a virtual powder keg of untapped fuel.  A simple conversation about the kids erupts like a Fire Whirl -- a tornado-like force hurling flaming logs your way. The mere mention of money, an incendiary lightning strike, blows the blaze in a whole different direction. 

In the most rugged fires, Smokejumpers parachute in, fresh and ready to put out the blaze. They're highly trained, self-sufficient experts with a high degree of emotional stability and mental alertness.




 When called upon,

in the midst of another’s relational meltdown, I have, through the written word, assisted others in getting what they want with peaceful means. 

 It's not about the he-said/she-said, let's leave that to your mediator. It's not about analyzing how you got here, you can handle that with your therapist. It's not the 20k dollar legal fees toward solid council, your attorney provides that. 

A smokejump is designed to remedy the atmosphere when it remains a day in day out tinder-box. The smokejumper  (me) --after a thorough intake-- will create one juicy, tone-changing letter to control or ultimately extinguish the fire. 




Photo by OlafSpeier/iStock / Getty Images

Let’s return to the fire analogy

for a minute. As terrifying as fire can be, it can also act as an agent of change. The cones of the lodgepole pine, for example (one of the most prolific of evergreens) open only in response to the heat of a blaze. They then scatter seeds onto soil newly fertilized by nutrients in the fire’s ash. Point being, this same phenomenon is possible in incendiary relations.

I'm skilled not just at quickly understanding what it is you want in the big picture, but I have a talent for figuring out the language necessary to unlock or soften the withholding from your opponent.